Interview with the Polish wrecking crew @ PSYCHOBILLY.PL
1) Hi, at the beginning I have to ask: are you planning to visit Poland?
I remember when you said on Facebook that you will visit Malbork. I
hope it's not gonna be just for sightseeing :)

I was kind of joking but I would love to see the castle etc.The times I have
been to Poland, there hasn’t been any time to do any sightseeing at all.

2) Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip to Potsdam, but my bassist
(Kostek - author of previous interview :) ) said that your show was
sharp as always. What do you think about Psychomania 2013?

Oh, I wish that I would have saw him there! I was only there for the one day
and had to come home right away. I think it was a good festival. They said
there were many more people than last year so thats a good sign.

3) It has been a year since releasing Planet Obscure. I love this album.
It's a bit softer than my fav, Negative Charge, but I still like it a
lot. Somehow it reminds me of The Clash's London Calling (I don't
know why :) ). What is people response around the world?

Well London Calling is certainly a great album so I take that as a great
compliment, thank you. Yes it is “softer” as you say but Im getting older :-)
I would never do an album now like the first Quakes album for example.
That would be ridiculous and it would be fake. The Clash (in my opinion)got
better as they moved along. I like the first Clash album but I much prefer
their later material. I sold just enough Planet Obscure albums to pay for the
cost of making it , which was not much, so Im happy about it. With all the
piracy its hard to do that.

4)Are you planning to record another one in the near future?
Yes I write all the time, 90% of my songs will never be on a record, they are
just demos and ideas.Im working on some things that sound fresh to me
and trying to challenge myself with the lyrics. I have already enough songs
about “alone” and other stupid topics :-) Trying to get some POSITIVE
songs going:-)

5) Aren't you bored after all these years? Do you often hear that
'You're a joke'? ;)

Absolutely I am...... I have been listening to rockabilly and psychobilly for
over 30 years and its hard to find anything to listen to that sounds fresh to
me. It may be impossible. Most bands just play the usual stuff that they
think people want to hear. There is not much experimentation in this scene.
I still like to make my own songs , thats always fun but for listening? Yes Im
bored (and a joke:-)

6) Referring to previous question: what do you think about psycho
scene after more than quarter of a century of playing psychobilly? Is
it getting better, worse?

I gave this answer to psychomania magazine a few months ago but I think
its funny (and possibly true)
I’m looking into my crystal ball(into the future)......Some young kids called
The Shockats will come along and be very successful.They will be playing
in a big stadium in front of 15,000 people. They will offer me $50 to open for
them and I will accept that because they are so popular.They will have
stolen all the best psychobilly riffs and style from the past.I will try and tell
people that they stole all of it and people will call me a bitter old man
because I was not successful :-)

7) What are your favorite psychobilly bands? Maybe some young
bands that impressed you recently?

I have favorite songs and not bands. Bands will always do something that
embarrasses you as a fan. Two songs as Im thinking about it now
how about ‘The Other’ side by Godless Wicked Creeps or ‘Tram in Lunacy’
by The Mad Heads- Classics.

8) Do you have dreams other than being a psychobilly legend (which
maybe wasn't your dream but it's a fact)?

Before I bought my guitar, I wanted to be a Forest Ranger :-)
No, we wanted to be much bigger that this scene.Not belittling this scene
but after the first album, we decided that we wanted to see where we could
go. When we were signed to Sony/Japan, we felt like it was our best
opportunity to cross over into a new market. Many bands on this scene
have tried.More fans=More girls, that was our thinking.

9) Previous interview was made before your first visit in Poland. How
was it? Did you like your father's homeland?

Great but had no time to see anything.

10) Do you have something else to say to your polish fans?
jak si´ masz? Gdzie mog´ dostaç kieŞbas´? :-)

11) At the end, as a Headless Babies representant, I demand right to
play as your support at your next show in Poland ;)

Its a deal!