Poland:The venue in Warsaw was small and packed.
It was a sweatbox, but in a good way, good for my voice.
Not a good night to forget my fan or my dry shirt for
after the show :-)
The fans were very enthusiastic and seemed to know all the words
to all the songs even the new ones.
The next day we traveled south to Lodz and the village of Romanow
where my dads side of the family is from.

Our first gig in Krakow was one of those surreal moments in time
that I can’t put into words. It was one of those
“you had to be there” events.
This was the best show of the tour for us
(with Warsaw being number two).When I look at pictures from
the show, they don’t capture the electricity in the air that night.
There were more beautiful women at that
show than any other Quakes show I can remember :-)
I’m very sorry we did not come to Poland on the Planet Obscure tour in 2012. We will never miss a chance to play in Poland again.
The next day we got a chance to go to the castle and do some sight seeing because our van would not start and being Sunday,
it was hard to find someplace or someone to fix it. It needed a new fuel pump so we had to wait until Monday.
It took a long time for them to get the part and install it and there was no way we could make our next show in Zagreb Croatia so
we are sorry we had to cancel that show.
My voice was pretty bad for a lot of the tour. I thought I had gotten it into
shape long before the tour started.Its hard not to get sick or a sore throat
when you are traveling every day and playing lots of shows.It was to the
point that I had my tea kettle right on stage with me. Many nights we had to
delete songs that we wanted to play because I couldn’t sing them
effectively. That is especially bad in the age of youtube :-)

Our first time in Slovenia, The promoter got us a tv interview and a radio
interview. Nice gig even though this one was the worst one for my voice
and our set list sucked.- (note; most all of the promoters and sound
engineers on this tour were very nice and very professional.)
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