Our one and only gig in France was a good one.(Valdoie) It was a Sunday night but people came out and they were very happy to see us.
I noticed that a trend was starting on this tour. At almost every show there was at least one person who came up to me and told me how
much the music of The Quakes meant to them on a very personal level.
When someone tells you that and you can see they are sincere, its hard to come back with a worthy response.
I know how much music means to ME in my own life. To think that the music that we play somehow has a great
meaning to others is gratifying,amazing,mysterious,and also comes with a big responsibility.
I’ve always tried to put on the best show I could, I have always hated bands that would be on stage drunk or high on drugs.
Fans make plans, buy tickets, drive long distances etc. You owe it to those fans to be at your best.
It makes sense,right?
A day off in Stuttgart and to my favorite laundry mat. This particular
one is on is located right in the center of town and there is a
pedestrian promenade.While your laundry is in you can go
hang out and people watch and soak up the town.
Later that evening our friend Patrick (aka Wild Hank)
took us out to dinner.

We arrived in Kiel the night before the gig.After the very long drive
from the south of Germany to the north, I took Rok our tour
manager to an “authentic” Tex-Mex restaurant. With all the live
cactuses inside it felt just like home :-) I got a chance to walk
around town for a good 4 hours the next day( a rare luxury on tour).
The show was a small one but it was a very receptive crowd.

The Turock in Essen is a wonderful venue with a big stage,big lights
and big sound. This would be our third and final gig with The Dark Shadows.
I must nominate this venue as having the best backstage food on the tour,
it was Chinese and it was excellent :-)
Speaking of food, thanks to Tom for the great breakfast in Regensburg!

Sunday night in Dornbirn Austria was as quiet as you would imagine. The
venue was a good one, the opening band The Rebel Rousers were very
nice and brought their friends. I broke a string on stage which hasn’t
happened in about 15 years. We met our friends and former Phoenix
residents Amy and Dieter and posed for pictures in from of their car.

Our first show in Bratislava was a good one, not a big show, but a good
one.Next was Budapest. We had not been there since 2012. A good night
with good fans. The Arena in Vienna was weird because there was strange
“hipster” types there doing funny dances to songs like Psychobilly Jekyll &
Mr. Hyde :-).

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